Our specialist publications focus on the food and drinks industry providing news, prices and market trends in China, India, Asia, Europe, USA and the Americas. Coverage also includes new products, market research, company profiles, ingredients, nutrition, health, starch, sweeteners, additives.

Sweeteners and Starch Price Monitoring

GIRACT provides quarterly prices of white sugar, key starches and their principal derivatives used in the food industry across major countries. This report comprises tables and commentary on price movements. In addition, charts provide both annual running price series and 6-monthly price trends. Coverage includes major native (maize, wheat, potato, tapioca) and cationic starches, glucose, HFS, and white sugar. Countries/regions reviewed are EU, USA, China, India, Thailand, Mexico, Latin America, Russia.

Because you are closely involved with these products and often find it difficult - or impossible - to obtain ex-manufacturer prices on a comparative scale across countries, a subscription to this Price Monitoring is an invaluable tool. GIRACT is well-known for its in-depth analyses of the world starch and sugar industries over the last 20 years and this publication is highly acclaimed.

One year (4 issues) EUR 2100
Two years (8 issues) EUR 3900


Each two months, this publication provides unique global news on starches from major and regional markets that is not commonly tracked by other publications.

One year (4 issues) EUR 550
Two years (8 issues) EUR 950


Food and Beverage Ingredients - Global Markets - 2022-2027
Giract's annual overview of ingredients across world markets

Giract has been studying the full spectrum of Food and Beverage ingredients for over 50 years. Either as agricultural raw material derivatives, secondary derivatives or synthesized products, demand for these ingredients generally shows stronger growth in demand than the underlying sector due to the increase in food processing in many areas of the world. Even the west is slowly beginning to change the way food is processed, allowing some ingredient categories to grow faster than others. Hurdles such as insufficient raw material availability, outdated processing technologies, legislative barriers, or a lack of synchronicity with current consumer requirements, are hindrances to growth of certain ingredients which potentially affect supply to end-users.

Giract's Ingredients Book classifies value-added ingredients into 3 major groups: Technical, Nutritional and Blends/Intermediates, covering global markets and 7 major application sectors. In addition to subscription to the entire ingredients review, Giract does offer the option to subscribe to individual ingredient groups. We invite you to examine the proposals and subscription conditions below.


Global Market for Whey and Lactose Ingredients 2023-2028

Giract's biannual publication, WHEY BOOK 2023, will present a comprehensive analysis of the dynamic and growing global whey and lactose ingredients market - production, trade, demand, new product launches, major company profiles, investments, mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, and outlook to 2028 globally and by region. Full details and subscription form can be found in the link below.


Global Market for Milk Proteins 2022-2027

The MILK PROTEIN BOOK 2022, published biannually, presents a comprehensive analysis of the global market for milk proteins, covering production, trade, demand, new product launches, major company profiles, investments, mergers & acquisitions, and strategic alliances of milk proteins. The outlook towards 2027 globally and per region completes the overview of this dynamic and growing market.