Recent Assignments
Recent work has covered a wide range of topics, including critical issues in functional ingredients and health claims.

Personalised and fully confidential consultancy, benchmarking, market and SWOT analyses, competitive evaluations, M&A support, market entry strategies are all part of GIRACT's portfolio, drawing on the vast knowledge and experience of its team to provide advice in specific contexts.

Where an in-depth understanding of a client's specific strategic issues is required, the confidential individual assignment is appropriate. Working on a topic which may reflect a novel product or process, the need to understand the dynamics of a new region or market, or to identify partner(s) or targets, GIRACT's interaction will be professional and will provide information and analysis objectively, highlighting both the certain and the uncertain parts of the investigation and/or forecasts.

Recent individual assignments have addressed the following areas:

  • scenario planning and strategic consultancy
  • markets for cellulose derivatives in the USA and Europe
  • market entry strategies for insoluble and soluble fibre
  • opportunities for liquid seasonings
  • evaluation of GMO testing methods
  • Chinese market for specific ingredients
  • new opportunities for texturised and hydrolysed vegetable proteins
  • supply/demand analysis of novel dairy ingredients - colostrum, lactalbumin etc.
  • relevance of natural ingredients for bakery mixes
  • impact of the entry of encapsulated acids
  • support to counter dominant market position challenges during acquisition processes
  • supplier search in USA, EU and Japan for amino acids
  • distributor partner searches for modern nutritional ingredients