Multi-client studies enable clients to obtain a detailed understanding of a given set of markets and ingredients whilst contributing to a small part of the total cost of the research. A client can request additional research within the general scope of the multi-client study in order to answer particular questions, and this part of the research can remain confidential should the details be specific to that client.

The listing below is representative of our portfolio of recent multi-client studies. Please click on the study title to download further information as an Acrobat pdf file. We are perpetually revising our offer, so please contact us should you not find your subject of interest.

New Reports 2024

Reports Published 2023

Reports Published 2022

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Reports Published 2020

Giract regularly monitors other ingredient areas.

Please ask if you do not find the subject of interest to you.


ONGOING Giract programmes

  • GiTEx - Giract Table-Top Exhibits
    Giract organises a full-day of in-house supplier presentations at R&D units of major food companies. Details can be found in our GiTEx section.
  • Publications
    Giract publishes a number of e-periodicals providing the reader with up-to-the-minute information on food and food ingredients:
    • Sweeteners & Starches Price Monitoring
      Quarterly prices and commentary on price movements for key starches and sugar in the major regions of the world.
    • StarchItalics
      Provides unique global news on starches from major and regional markets that is not commonly tracked by other publications
  • Conferences
    Giract brings together members of leading companies in the Food Ingredients Industry across many sectors for high-level symposia, discussions and contacts.
  • Tracking Ingredient Trends at major Exhibitions/Shows
    Based on its extensive experience in the ingredients and additives industry, as well as its multi-lingual and multi-cultural team, Giract is uniquely qualified, through concise and clear reporting, to provide companies with a clear understanding of the trends in the development of ingredients for the key food and drink sectors derived from detailed visits to and analyses of the key ingredient exhibitions across the world.

    The success of this service to busy managers and companies was demonstrated by its visit to FI China in Shanghai in March 2009. The details and proposed sector reviews can be found at the following link: Giract repeats this service regularly at FI China and at FI India. Do not hesitate to contact us with your ingredient/technology sector of interest.